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Fashion shows, events & one rad magazine— right in the heart of KC.
If it's outside the box, it's on our hanger. If it's fashion, we'll find it.

Local Fashion Link exists to create a connection where fashion passion and fashion purpose come together. Local Fashion Link creates a connection for fashion passion & fashion purpose—linking the fashion community to Kansas Citians with fashion shows, events, photos & publications—all while giving back to local organizations and charities. We source local trends and garments from fashion savvy partners we trust, provide a runway for local designers and support our community with meaningful relationships. If it's outside the box, it's on our hanger. If it's fashion, we'll find it. We're not afraid of mothballs, we know the value of a thrift store hunt, and we have local designers and boutiques on speed dial.


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Fashion Director | Calli Green

Calli loves fashion and our friendly city. She would describe herself as Fran Drescher and Anna Wintour's love child. She never forgets to water her houseplants, or to organize her vinyl by artist and decade. She likes to think she's come a long way since writing the fashion column in her university newspaper, The Muleskinner.

She's not always looking at your shoes, she promises. Stop apologizing for your yoga pants, she had them on 2 hours ago, too.

When Calli is not directing photo shoots or fashion shows, you will catch her shopping, patio-ing (come on! It's a word, right!?) with her best friends, or curled up on the couch with Netflix and a good book.

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Production Director | Stephanie Rohr

Stephanie is usually introduced as a model or Production Director for Local Runway, but she's really a history saving super hero in heels. When she's not wearing glitzy gowns or directing models, designers, and photographers for Local Runway, she's a museum technician at the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum. She holds a Master's degree in History from UMKC, and She'll gladly talk to you about her thesis on 19th century gender and women during the Civil War in Missouri…or Christian Dior ball gowns—Ask her about Christian Dior ball gowns :).

When Stephanie isn't doing all things fashion, you can find her most likely visiting historical places in KC, being a Star Wars/Game of Thrones nerd, hanging out with her friends, and spending time with her husband and wheaten terrier/poodle mix, her whoodle, Quinn.


Markting/Promotions Director |

Hannah Pulis

Hannah is new to Kansas City, and she already loves the hometown feel, and the fashion community! She is most excited about growing meaningful relationships with creative partners and connecting with YOU!

Hannah has a deep love for Jimmy John's, good Sci-Fi books and shopping. She would describe herself as a sweet, middle-of-nowhere Iowa-born girly girl. If she's not fashionably late, she must be sick. She doesn't enjoy rattling the pots and pans herself, but she loves trying KC's restaurants.

When Hannah is not at her Local Fashion Link desk, you will catch her hanging out with her family and friends, or exploring the city (mostly at every local coffee shop in sight).



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